Rubber Insulated Products


Rubber Insulated Blanket


* Available in 380v to 20kV

* Available types: eyelet style and slotted style

* Standard: DL/T803-2002 eqv IEC61112-2002



Can be used to insulate the human body from the electrical equipment or parts to protect workers from electric shock.

It also can be used to prevent short-circuit between different equipment.



Rubber Insulated Boots


* Available in 20kV, 30kV, 40kV

* Color: orange



Rubber Insulated boots are suitable for live working in the power industry, electrical equipment, to provide insulation for protecting feet from electric shock.

Rubber Insulated Line Hose


Line hose also named flexible conductor cover, which can be used as a protective cover on a power line or other electrified wires for live working to protect workers from possible electric shock live working to protect workers from possible electric shock if they unconsciously touch these wires.

Standard: DL/T880-2004 eqv IEC61479-2002

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