Neoprene Surgical Gloves



Neoprene Sterile Surgical Gloves, made of Neoprene rubber compounds, without containing latex protein, It is the optimum protection for both uses and products. It is also the ideal product to prevent Type I and Type II allergies while still providing the softness and flexibility of natural rubber latex gloves. It is the best choice of all pharmaceutical and laboratory applications.



* Better resistance to tearing and puncture than most latex and nitrile gloves

* Excellent fat resistance, ideal using in a long-lasting surgery

* High resistance to alcohol and broad range of chemicals

* Quality control assured by AQL inspection, water leak testing and air inflation test before packing

* Available size:6#, 6 1/2#, 7#, 7 1/2#, 8#, 8 1/2#, 9#

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