Nitrile Industrial Grade Gloves



Disposable Synthetic Nitrile Industrial Gloves, made of 100% synthetic nitrile latex which contains no natural rubber latex (NRL) protein, and thus is ideal for persons who are allergic to NRL, can be best protective products for your hands. Our nitrile gloves can offer full-spectrum protection for people, products and process, which can be used in variety application as food processing, electronic, auto, laboratory, pharmaceutical, chemical protection foundation.
Powdered and Powder free gloves types are available for your normal application or critical application.



* Ambidextrous Non-Sterile, Disposable, Bead Rolled

* Available In Five Size, XS, S, M, L, XL

* Made of 100% Nitrile Latex

* Completely No Nature Rubber Latex, Reduce Protein Reaction

* Oil Resistant, Solution Resistant and Puncture Resistant

* Textured Surface Offer Excellent Grip in operation

* Exceeds ASTM Standard

Physical Dimensions (ASTM D6319-00a)

Designation Size Minimum Length (mm) Width (mm) Minimum Thickness (mm)
Finger Palm
6       0.05 0.05
6 1/2 XS 220 70 ±10
7 S 220 80 ±10
7 1/2 M 230 85 ±10
8 M 230 95 ±10
8 1/2 L 230 110 ±10
9 XL 230 120 ±10


Physical Properties (ASTM D6319-00a)

Before Aging After Aging
Min Tensile Strength Min Elongation at break Min Tensile Strength Min Elongation at break
14Mpa 500% 14Mpa 400%
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